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Beckenham Businesswoman Star Award of the year

Poised with finger on camera button last night at the Beckenham Business Association meeting last night waiting for the announcement of the winner of the inaugural Beckenham Businesswoman Star Award of the year, I was bowled over when my name was announced! Impossible to take a photograph of myself, I believe Saj Maharaj of Big App Bromley will be sending through a couple of pix with evidence of this very special occasion.

With a head banging with cold I don’t think I said anything coherent, but I’m extremely honoured to have even been nominated and to have won in what I understand was a very strong list of well-deserving nominations is such an awesome privilege!

Thank you so much to everyone who nominated me – at the moment the Award is sitting on the mantelpiece of my living room, but I’ll move it into the office as a constant reminder of how lucky I am to have your support – again, thank you so much.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended last night’s BBA meeting http://goo.gl/kHJmQ – to Lakis of Big Breakfast for sponsoring and hosting the event, to our brilliant speakers Jackie Barrie and Saj Maharaj and to the Beckenham Business Community for your continuing support – BBA is yours!

Negative Networking

So, you have a business, you’ve joined one or two networking groups and maybe you’ve joined a networking group on the internet – an on-line Forum.  The reason you’re there is to hand out your business card, solicit business, go home and wait for the phone to ring or your shopping cart to become overflowing with orders – yes?


The purpose of networking groups is to establish relationships with others.  Networking situations are not meant to close sales, they are designed to establish relationships and create referral opportunities.  In order to be really effective in a networking situation, try being interested in the other person.

Really listen.

When was the last time you felt really listened to?  How did it feel to be heard completely?  Good – I’d bet!

Imagine how wonderful your prospective client or customer will feel if you really listen to them.  Do you think you’ll make an impression?  Guaranteed!

Making a solid impression is the purpose of 1230 The Women’s Company groups.  Utilize them correctly and you’ll be surprised at the opportunities that come out of them.


My special Friday

I’ve had the most amazing day!

The first appointment in my diary today was a photoshoot with The Breast of Bromley Team at the Churchill Theatre, Bromley.  Thanks to Jenni and the theatre-goers we had managed to raise an amazing £2,000 for Breast Cancer Campaign.

I then had lunch with my lovely granddaughter and then onto my second meeting of the day.

This was a bit of a mystery.  I’d received a phone call last week from my friend Heather Bond who had asked for a spare hour to meet me in The Glades today, but wouldn’t say why, except that I would love it.  Heather is one of the few people I would trust for such a mystery meeting.  But the intrigue and suspension were killing!!

So waiting outside Costa’s, Heather eventually told me – she had generously entered me into a competition being run by The Glades – The Glades fairy shop mother prize – and her entry had won!!!  Just then appeared a photographer, The Glades Marketing staff, and The Fairy bearing gifts from The Glades shops – how lucky am I!  So much excitement for one day.

Huge thanks to Heather, The Glades Marketing, the shops and of course my fairy!  Photo to follow

Over breakfast today

Catching up with the news and “interesting bits” over breakfast this morning, the last read was an interview with Dhani Harrison, George Harrison’s son, by highly commended Live magazine writer Louise Gannon.

It’s an interesting article and finishes with what I feel a profound quote which will be referred to many times – let me know what you think.

On missing his father  (George), Dhani says “When he died I remember thinking we’d left nothing unsaid and that was good.  But then you get older, and there have been so many times I miss my dad.  Getting married, going on your stag do – pick any moment and you wish he was there”.

Dhani continues and says his life has been marked by losing heroes.  As well as his father’s death, he cried at those of Ayrton Senna and Kurk Cobain.  “Death crushes you.  but that’s what forms you – you get hammered and hammered and they heat you up and hammer you, heat you up and hammer you, and eventually you’re a sword.  You’re brave, you’re ready to be your own man.”

Louise concludes, “His father would be proud”.

Do You know?

What value is “free” for your networking meetings?

* Do you know that if you bring a girlfriend/client with you to a 1230 TWC meeting and they book and pay on-line, then your meeting is free? Why not split the cost with them – win-win.

* Do you know that ALL 1230 TWC meetings are a mix of diverse businesses.

* Do you know that ALL 1230 TWC taster workshops are free?

* Do you know that ALL 1230 TWC meeting attendees are able to give a 1 Minute talk about their business?

* Do you know that ALL 1230 TWC regular monthly lunch-time meetings enable you to grow your business with successful structure in a relaxed, productive,  informal atmosphere?

* Do you know that ALL 1230 TWC meetings are attended by focused, savvy and sassy businesswomen or career women?

* Do you know that ALL 1230 TWC Members are able to give a 10 mins (Take10) talk at a meeting?

* Do you know that 1230 TWC launched in August 2002?

* Do you know that ALL 1230 TWC meetings include a meal?

* Do you know that ALL 1230 TWC meetings have a special price for your first meeting?

* Do you know that 1230 TWC Members have huge on-line opportunities too?

* Do you know that more information and booking can be found on www.1230.co.uk

* Do you know that you will ALWAYS receive a warm welcome at 1230 TWC meetings?

* Do you know that 1230 TWC Members are first in line as 1230KISS guests?

* Do you know that 1230 TWC Members are first in line for…   everything ….. ?

* Do you know that 1230 TWC meetings offer much more?  Check it out here

* Do you know that 1230 TWC bends over backwards to support its Members and help their business growth?

See you soon!

Our recent praises, blush, with thanks

“Jackie Groundsell is the most fabulously supportive networker for women in business that you can hope to find”
Annabel Kaye – www.irenicon.co.uk

“Jackie has been extremely supportive since I set up my business. She is a goldmine of helpful business advice, and has connected me with many brilliant local business people. A fab business networker and great company too 🙂 ”

“If you are looking for a network that guarantees a diverse mix of professional and entrepreneurial women; informative speakers and great content, then the 1230 TWC is the perfect place to flex your entrepreneurial wings! There is something for everyone and you’ll be guaranteed to find the tools, information and ideas you need to grow accelerate your business to greater success.”
Sonia Brown MBE www.nbwn.org

So thrilled to receive these from Karen, Annabel and Sonia in the past few days – such inspiring women in their own right.

My fabulous day in Margate

What a brilliant day in Margate yesterday!

With constructive tips in Part 1 of Lindsay Panteli’s “How to Immediately and Massively Grow your Business” workshop (Part 2 on 27/9), hearing more about everyone’s businesses and planning the forthcoming 1230 Business School training around everyone’s needs (watch this space for more news on that) and having a delicious meal – what more could my day have held?

Well it did, because after that I went off to play with my daughter Clare and 2.5 yo grandson Richard on the beach. Followed by a leisurely walk along the front to the Harbour Arm, catching the lovely folks in the Rock Shop along the way, fresh sea food to take home (Clare had sensibly brought some freezer blocks), fabulous fish n chips (make mine whitebait) from Pete’s Fish Factory, sadly missed Kim Conway at Seaside Portraits :(, back to easily parked car in the Dreamland Car Park – only £2.50 for the whole day and a comfortable drive back home for 9.00 pm

Finishing my day was a message from my old school friend Chris, over from New Zealand for The Games. We’re meeting up on Saturday, so looking forward to that!

Yesterday was Chris’ second day in the UK – this is what she said – “everywhere’s so clean, the trains, DLR and tube are fantastic; we collected our tickets from Stratford which only took 20 mins, so efficient – we’re having such a ball!” What a great recommendation for The Olympic Games and the UK!

And so to bed zzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Today brings – #1230KISS Twitterview with Beverley Morrison, journalist with NewsShopper’s Limited Edition magazine at 10.30 am – hope you’ll join us to find out all about Bev, and then onto to see the fabby guys at 1st Domains for more web site innovation!

Have a great day all!

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