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Network to SUCCESS

Do you want to be a business success story? 



Network your way to SUCCESS!

Business Women know that in order to move ahead with their business, they need to be seen and get known. Networking is the best way to do this.

Great Networkers:

– Give without expectations
– Have an abundance mentality and with this alone anything is possible
– Believe in making the pie bigger for everyone.
– They cross network with competitors and regularly give away referrals.
– Believe in the universal law of reciprocity, they know that what you give out comes back tenfold.


5 Reasons why you should join:

1- CONNECTION: Network with fellow business women through our 1230 The Women’s Company Business Network meetings or events for support and encouragement. Plus you’ll have access to essential contacts and organisations required to get your business off the ground or expand your existing business.

2- INSPIRATION: Share the successes, strategies and experiences of other business women as you read about them on the website, in the newsletters or meet with them at exclusive events.

3- EDUCATION AND INFORMATION: Our regular emails will keep you updated with business opportunities, conferences and events (many at exclusive members rates) to maximise your business and personal potential.

4- PROMOTION: Your free business listings, online business profile will ensure you and your business are getting seen and getting known!

5- DEDICATION: We’ve been running 1230 The Women’s Company women’s business meetings– since 2002 so we’re committed to, and passionate about, helping you build a successful business and develop your personal potential so that you can achieve your dreams.


Join 1230 The Women’s Company
Providing you with the inspiration, motivation and connections to achieve your business dreams.  Joining 1230 The Women’s Company gives you the support, inspiration, motivation and connections to achieve your business dreams! You’ll belong to a network of business women who enjoy the benefits of membership including high-profile promotion of your business, exclusive local networking opportunities, and support in the way of mentoring and goal setting.