Why Join 1230 The Women's Company?

If Business growth and personal development is important to you, then you'll love the reasons to join!

At the 1230 TWC Business Women's Networking lunch-time meetings, both online and offline, you can expect great conversation, great contacts, support, expertise, learning, advice, fun and a great lunch at "in venue" meetings. We’re about business growth, so come along and see how we can help your business grow – we look forward to meeting you!

1230 TWC Early Bird Membership

Attending your first meeting?
A full 12 months membership, inclusive of all Benefits will be held for 3 working days (including Saturdays) from date e-invoice receipt at just £159.

From the 4th working day, membership will be a one-off £225 for the first year, £160 subsequent renewals, all available via the website.

Early Bird membership is only available by personal invitation and payable by e-invoice (ie not via the website), or by cheque to 1230 TWC Head Office.

1) 1230 TWC WEB ACCOUNT A secure Login and Password gives you access to your web site account with full ability to post to the various promotional opportunities mentioned below.

2) MEMBERS’ EVENTS Here is an opportunity for us to help you promote your business events on the web site – with your secure login and password you can upload as many of your events as you wish, which will appear on the Events calendar and all out-going 1230 TWC email invitations to meetings.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Jackie co-founded one of the first networks for women in business in the UK. Since then 1230TWC has gone from strength to strength and it is still a great place for business women to go to meet other women business owners.

The intimate lunch groups are as far away as possible from the speed networking large crowds and far more accessible for women who want to make real connections that work over the longer run.

Annabel Kaye

3) MEETING PACKAGES – saving £85-£150
Special Prices for advanced booking

4) eNEWSLETTER Regular newsletter a vibrant mix of business information, business tips and news. Members’ contributions are always welcome.

5) PROFILE  With a complete Member Profile, ie Directory Description, photo and logo – your entry will appear in the Members' Directory.

Members’ Directory.

6) 1 MINUTE TALK A great opportunity for everyone at a meeting to hear from you first-hand about your business and why they should work with you.

7) OFFERS Let the far-reaching 1230 TWC audience know about your business by uploading your Offers to the website; details of which will appear on all out-going email invitations to meetings.

A great opportunity to leave MD Jackie Groundsell a voice message – of course, you can also email and phone!

9) BLOGS Expand your reach even further – be found by Search Engines – they just love blogs! And let everyone know what you are doing in your business on a daily/weekly/monthly/whenever basis – to suit you. Blogs appear on the Blogs page and also in your Profile PLUS Birds on the Blog

10) TESTIMONIALS Get your customers and 1230 TWC contacts to promote you by adding Testimonials for you – the lifeblood of any business, and of course you can add your testimonials for 1230 TWC Members! Win-Win!

Networking lunches that help grow your businesses. Women entrepreneurs find great support at the monthly lunches

The safe place for women to talk about business issues without judgement and gain advice from other women

"I would highly recommend 1230 TWC to any women looking to get out, meet like minded people and make valuable relationships."

11) ARTICLES Let others know about your expertise, just by posting articles to the 1230 TWC website

Share information, ideas, support, expertise and interests
through the on-line Member Forum - 1230 TWC Members Facebook group.

13) BIRDS ON THE BLOG  Our high ranking (Forbes 100 3 times) blogging website - gives 1230 TWC Members even greater exposure.

14) WORKSHOPS Continuously develop you/your business – learn with 1230 TWC taster workshops 45 minutes pre 1230 TWC meetings – FREE

15) POWER45
45 mins 1:1 with 1230 TWC MD, Jackie Groundsell.

16) TAKE10
Subtle promotion a 10 minutes speaking slot for you to share your expertise with others. Definitely not a sales pitch, but a great opportunity for others to hear from you – the expert in your field – and thus want to recommend and buy from you. One Member per month only, so great exposure to the meeting.

Introduce a Visitor who books and pays on-line in advance (who’s not attended previously), and your meeting is FREE! Although, maybe you’d like to split the cost with them – up to you!

* Please see T&C for Offer details

18) MEMBERS’ GIFTS This is a great opportunity for Members to accept Gifts from others as part of their 1230 TWC membership. This alone easily reflects ROI on the cost of membership. Members can also promote their business by giving these Gifts.

High profile, Table display – let everyone there see your products or services (literature) – only one Member per month

Exclusive 1230 TWC Member Discounts
– details appear on the website

21) CONSTANT CONTACT – email marketing
Through 1230 TWC’s investment, we are able to offer you a 60-day free trial PLUS 25% discount on all products. If you are already using Constant Contact, we can arrange a discount for you too!

22) FREE meeting for every 5 attended = 6 for the price of 5! - Payment in advance.

23) 1230 The Women’s Company Members Only Facebook Group An exclusive area for 1230 TWC Members to chat, seek advice, share experiences, expertise, fun. It’s definitely not somewhere to sell. Sadly 1230 TWC Members who are not on Facebook won’t be there Please let them know, they need to be there!

24) HOT FRIDAYS   In the 1230 TWC Members Facebook Group – 1230 TWC Members can post questions, issues, problems on a FRIDAY – for us all to support and answer. You could be the lucky person to have your issue/question taken forward to a 3rd meeting in the year for further brainstorming.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Jackie has gone above and beyond, that is what I consider a true motivator and supporter of women in business. I have found myself on a path of power and confidence since meeting Jackie that has been truly life changing, she truly has the brilliance and positivity of a star and she draws those people who also possess these qualities to make a beautiful and brilliant network of amazing people. Thank you Jackie.

Cassandra James

25) PRIZE DRAWS Every month – bring along something to promote your business. This can then be the prize of the Business Card Draw! You could be the winner of another prize – win-win!

26) CHARITY BUZZ One 1230 TWC Member a month gets to tell us something about her chosen charity. Bookable in advance.

27) The “proud to wear” 1230 TWC MEMBERS' PIN BADGE

28) 45 mins with me - Jackie Groundsell!  That can be 20 mins x 2, 45 mins - face to face or virtually - you choose - however I can help you!

29) 1230 TWC STAR One Member per month - send us your Networking tip. This will be emailed out with your Profile and photo on the 1st day of each month; each Monday of that month, the email will be promoted via all 1230 TWC Social Media accounts. Mega promotion for that Member.

... and growing…

Want to develop a dynamic networking presence to add to the marketing mix of your business, online / offline, locally / internationally? 1230 TWC business meetings provide both the environment and solutions to develop a networking strategy that will take your business to greater heights; to avoid overwhelming and time-wasting activities that leave you behind your competitors.

If you need more business, more contacts, support, a warm welcome, advice, expertise and to connect with other focused, savvy business women – you’re definitely in the right place with 1230 TWC!