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What Steps You Can Take To Modernise Your Business

When you are running a business, it is important that you always think of ways to keep your business modern and up to date. Running a business in 2022 can be difficult, especially with the effects of the pandemic still lingering, so you must always be aware of what changes may need to be made to your business. So, if you are a business leader and want to modernise your business, here are some steps you can take.

Update The Office Space

One of the first things you can do to modernise your business is to update the office space. If your business has been operating in the same office for quite some time, then it is likely that it is in need of an update. Giving your office a revamp is a simple step that can make a big difference. It would be a good idea to first start with updating the office furniture so that everyone has somewhere comfy to work. Another good idea would be to ask for suggestions from your employees. Your employees are going to be the ones who will be spending most of their week in the office, so it would be a good idea to get their input on what needs changing.

Provide More Training

The next step to consider when modernising the office is providing more training to your staff. Your employees are a crucial part of your business, so you need to make sure that they are properly trained. As the business world continues to develop, more and more skills are needed to get by. This means that you need to provide regular training to your staff so that they can keep up with the modern world. The training doesn’t necessarily have to be complex either. It could be something as simple as teaching them how to find resources online that can make their jobs a bit easier. For example, there are tools that allow you to change file format, which could make it easier to share or use. If you find out that they do need some more intense training, then perhaps set aside a couple of full days so you can all go through it together.

Allow Some Remote Work

Another great step you can take for your business is to allow some remote work. Since the pandemic, remote work has become a permanent place in some business and others have chosen to adopt the hybrid model instead. If your business is solely office-based, you could be missing out on many potential employees. Allowing some remote work means that you are able to hire anyone from across the country, which gives you a lot more choice.

Market Research

When it comes to running a successful business, one of the most important things is keeping your customers happy. Doing market research is a proven way of modernising your business as you are getting a good insight into what your customers like and dislike about your business. It would be a good idea to ask your customers to complete a survey or write a review once they have used your services, so you can get a good idea of what changes need to be made.

 AUTHOR: Isabella Goode



5 Elegant Ways To Enhance Your Exhibition Stand Layout For Your Show

The success of an exhibition is determined by several factors aside from the product or services being displayed. Exhibitors all over the world no doubt have one thing in common, and that is having a perfect and successful exhibition at the end of the day. 

When it comes to the success of a display show, the exhibition stand design plays an important role. The exhibition stand layout is often repeatedly overlooked; however, a well-designed layout invites customers to explore your display.

A poorly designed one does the opposite, so a bespoke exhibition stand layout is a must to avoid turning potential customers away from your booth. Here is a list of suggestions for improving your exhibition stand for your next show.

Have a Well-Defined Brand Strategy

What do you want your visitors to see? This should be the backbone of your planning for the exhibition. Your stand should be used effectively to display your brand. The stand layout, theme, colour, and text should complement the brand. A clear brand strategy will help you organise your display and make it easy for attendees to identify your booth.

Offer Something Distinctive

Another way to enhance Your exhibition stand for your show is to intensify the value of your stand. This means giving your target audience something different from what your competitors have. Your stand should be different and eye-catching, and a branded uniform can help.

Wearing a branded uniform projects professionalism and makes your stand and team easy to locate. You could also offer gift bags, giveaways, a coffee cart, or invite a reputable guest speaker to your stand.

Your stand designer also plays a huge role in ensuring that your stand is unique. A professional exhibition stand design isn’t generic or simple. You want your stand to be unique, so you should go for only the best.

Make Use of Interactive Elements On Your Stand

Interactive elements are an excellent way to engage your audience. Now, this doesn’t require much. Simply adding a product demonstration where your attendees can view and ask questions or a competition where your visitors get to win certain prizes will do.

Go For The Right Lighting

Lightning attracts, so you are bound to attract visitors when used correctly at your exhibition stand. Proper lighting can make a lot of difference in your exhibition stand design, so it is worth taking advantage of. 

As bright lighting enhances your stand and attracts visitors, while dim or poor lighting deters visitors. Backlighting is one of the current trends for expo stands. This technique involves placing lights behind a fabric panel, signage, or frames to light them up. 

Make Use of Technology 

Technology, when used correctly, can be an intriguing element in your stand. There are several eye-catching technologies you can use to enhance your stand, like adding a video wall where the company’s stories and other engaging videos are displayed. You can also use virtual reality or augmented reality to engage your audience and enhance your exhibition stand.


Like the products or services on display, your exhibition stand speaks to your target audience. As you can see, it’s not just a wooden structure. Hopefully, you now understand how to improve your exhibition stand in just a few simple steps. Setting up your stand for your next expo would be less tiresome and more unique with these tips.

AUTHOR: Isabella Goode




MEGA SpeedNetworking

A great opportunity for business owners, those aspiring and career people to meet and have maximum contacts in minimum time. Guys 'n' Gals - all welcome.

5.00 PM - 7.00 PM THURSDAY 4 APRIL 2019

Venue directions
The Atrium
upper mall near M&S and Hobbs
The Glades, High Street, Bromley, BR1 1DN
plenty of parking on-site and around


Networking with a difference 

Everyone you meet will have their own wide network of colleagues, business partners, clients, suppliers and professional advisers, as well as acquaintances and closer friends, just like you. 

We're talking worthwhile connections - you never know who knows who...

1.    Prepare beforehand to gain most from your time.  Think about your objective, whether this is obtaining specific advice or bringing in new business.
2.    Have clear and measurable goals, eg you might need to find someone to help you solve a business problem you have, or is collaboration your aim?
3.    Rehearse your "presentation" with clear focus so that you give all the necessary information for your objective within the 30 seconds allowed.
 A free handy guide is available when you book - just click the RED button.
You'll be surprised how much detail can be given in 30 seconds!
4.    Bring a load of business cards, flyer, diary, pen and paper.

and be prepared to have fun!
Please arrive no later than 4.45 pm to make a prompt start at 5.00 pm

?This event is open to all (guys 'n' gals) booking in advance only,
just click the RED button below

Cardinal Sin & Speednetworking!

I suppose it’s a bit like Father Christmas….. "He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice"… and that’s where the similarity stops, with me that is.

For every event, we/I have a check list:

  • Perspex stands - A4 and A5
  • Balloons
  • Roller bannersx 2 1230 TWC
  • Blue Tack
  • Brown tape

And so it goes on… and this gets checked as the items are brought out and as they are assembled prior to loading a vehicle/leaving the office

Except for my recent trip to the Make It Happen Conference in Marbella, Spain.


business networking

I won’t bore you with the reasons why this happened, but it was an essential item for me to run the speednetworking session at the Make It Happen Conference.

On arriving at my hotel I set off in hot pursuit of a replacement (“hot” being the operative word, since it was an 80o day) - not even unpacking my case - no time, as it was just 2.5 hrs to the networking party that evening, and the Conference was the following day with 7.30 am start!!!!

toddler bicycle

Thinks…. There’s a primary school nearby, I wonder if they have a bicycle with said horn on that I could borrow? Just for a day. Seemed inspirational! Now you need to know that my Spanish is non-existent… well, I can say “please” and “thank you” and order chicken and chips – that’s just about it, oh and sparkling water.

I will leave it to your imagination as to how the conversation went with the teaching staff, suffice to say I came away empty handed, and they wondering who this totally insane English woman was!

So a quick phone call to Ali for shop suggestions, 1 hour later proved unfruitful. Must have lost some weight though in the hot running around - so a positive there! Dear Patrick (Ali’s OH) came to the rescue and saved the day with a choice of 2 hooters.

And I think you can say that the Speednetworking was a success!

hooter business

Toot Toot!

Business: I’m not precious!

No, really… I’m not, honestly…… I mean it….. I’m NOT!

Sometimes I get asked why I don’t give a 1-minute talk at the 1230 The Women’s Company business meetings.

The answer is really simple

As the MD of 1230 The Women's Company, I'm always delighted to attend many of the business networking meetings, particularly where, with a whoop and a holler, the 1230 TWC Host will have introduced me at the beginning of the meeting and, to quote the wonderful Caroline Hewitt, “bigged me up!” Some attendees will already know me, some not.

Remember…. I‘m NOT precious. But that introduction gives me a warm glow, because it introduces me to so many awesome business women.

Attending so many meetings in different locations, enables me to cross-refer attendees.  Notice I say "attendees"?  Yes, of course, our Members always get preferential treatment, but if I can see a connection for anyone attending 1230 TWC meetings, I will make that connection for them.

As 1230 TWC is my business, I can give a talk at any meeting for 1 minute, 2 minutes, 20 minutes, 2 hours – however long I like – remember, I’m not precious.

Networking, about you, business women

The opportunity to give a 1 minute talk at 1230 TWC meetings is
YOUR moment to shine;
YOUR moment in the spotlight,
YOUR moment to let everyone know about what
YOU and YOUR business offer.

I’m not precious about me, but my business and those who attend are precious and YOU are precious. And I’m delighted to know you all.

I'm not precious

See, I said it was simple!

So why not book in now and have your moment to shine!




#BagonTour – Bet you’d like one too!

I have a new, beautiful leather handbag, a Roanne Tote bag to be precise, to be even more precise – a handbag from the Shona Easton Design Studio! You can tell I’m delighted with it, can’t you?

Shona Easton

It’s a practical size, made in grainy calf leather in a fabulous pink colour – of course, and is much admired wherever I go. So what can I get inside, quite a lot actually. Mobile phone, which slips nicely into its own pocket, keys have their own secure clip, my purse also has its own pocket, I use the zip pocket for make-uppy bits, tablets, couple of pens and there are 2 large slip pockets – all in a beautiful deep rose taffeta lining. Those of you who know me well, know that I’m a belt and braces person, so my Filofax goes in as well, notebook, 1230 TWC business cards, currently promo cards for Business Women in Action Conference and 1230 TWC Note Cards.  I can tuck all my bits and pieces safely inside and zip everything in with a secure zip with lock and key fastening.  Also, I can conveniently carry the bag, handbag style, or slip it over my shoulder.

The designer (or Bag Lady, as she is affectionately known), Shona Easton tends to float between the Guildford and London 1230 TWC meetings, that's when she's not designing or visiting her overseas manufacturers. So why not come along and find out what else she has to offer. Shona is also speaking at the Business Women in Action Conference on 4 November.

Just check out the video to see where we've been together!




Lights, Camera, Action!

This time last week I was really out of my comfort zone!  I’d anticipated that this would happen, but what I hadn’t anticipated was the invaluable critique from The Red Carpet Academy super star – Leah Charles King!  I knew it would be a worthwhile day, but how worthwhile was yet to be seen.

So, where was I?  At The Red Carpet Academy 1 Day Intensive Training with Leah Charles King and her team in London, and some super other women – all being put through our paces to “face the camera!”  Although I’ve spoken in public on many occasions, both as a speaker and as a trainer and sat in front of my PC/laptop talking to the world – this was something different.

Each stage of our packed training day was critiqued by Leah, gently (but accurately) pointing our little foibles and making constructive, invaluable – yes I know I keep using that word – but it truly was – invaluable –  constructive criticism.

So here I am with the delightful Leah, my certificate and “the bag” (that’s another story).

Would I recommend The Red Carpet Academy?  You bet!!!  So if you’re looking to improve your public speaking and improve in front of camera, check out The Red Carpet Academy web site and book your session.

clapper board actionLights, Camera, Action!

Business Action Plan and Online Business Timeline

Creating Your Business Action Plan and Online Business Timeline

Business Action Plan and Online Business TimelineMost businesses start out with a dash of inspiration, a dream and that is where it ends. Even the most innovative businesses can wind up closing their doors because a good action plan, a focused timeline and a lack of connections were not thought out or put in place at conception.

There are many benefits to creating your business action plan and online business timeline. When you have an action plan put into place and follow it regularly and continue to focus on your business timeline, things will run much more smoothly for your new business, your employees, and your customers.

Tips to Create a Powerful Action Plan

  • Streamline Your Path – If you have a dream and a vision – excellent. Now, you must have knowledge of where your business is heading down the line. It is important to focus on a streamlined path when you first start your business. Otherwise, you are likely to find that your business is “all over the place.” Be sure to be specific in where you expect your business to go in the first twelve months.
  • Put It in Writing – In the early stages of creating your business, it is important to create an action plan in writing. Without this piece of the puzzle, it can get messy quite quickly. Having an action plan in your head or verbalizing it with other team members is not nearly as efficient as putting it down in writing.
  • Measure Your Goals Consistently – Make sure to check up on your goals often. By measuring your goals, you consistently marry those goals against where you are at the moment. If your goals are not in alignment with where they should be, then it is time to re-evaluate.
  • Break Down Bigger Projects into More Manageable Ones – When you create your action plan, make certain to break down bigger projects into more manageable ones. In this way, you will be able to get the whole job done without it feeling overwhelming.
  • Delegate – Do not be afraid to delegate some of your action plan. If you try to do everything all on your own, chances are all those balls you are juggling will come tumbling down sooner rather than later.

Tips to Create an Online Business Timeline

  • Create a Timeline for Every Task – You may think it is not necessary to create a timeline for each and every task; however, a timeline is essential for success. Creating a timeline will help you to manage your time and your business.
  • Keep It Real – A timeline should have manageable date attached to each task. If you create a timeline goal too soon, then you may set yourself up for failure. By being realistic, you set yourself up for success.
  • Differentiate Your Tasks – Make certain to differentiate your short-term tasks from your long-term tasks. For example, a short-term task would be to hire employees and a long-term task would be to improve your social media status.
  • Stick to Your Timeline No Matter What – You have to have integrity in this area. You need to stick with your timeline no matter what, as this is the only way to achieve success.
  • Stay Focused – It is very easy to let a task go because other “stuff” gets in the way. Stay focused and stick to your timeline. Check your progress as you go along the way.

And finally, no matter how good your planning and implementing is, you will crave the company of others, often in a similar position as you are. You’ll meet and grow connections over lunch when you join us!


Why Business Networking Increases Your Opportunities

Why Business Networking Increases Your Opportunities

Why Business Networking Increases Your OpportunitiesIt’s not what you know, it’s who you know is the old adage, and it’s not wrong. Networking has always been the best way to find a job, get recommendations, and increase the buzz about any business. Networking has been going on long before the advent of computers and social networking sites.

After-hours business functions, lunches, school runs and more have always been the traditional ways in which business women get together to be social and get to know each other. It’s a great way to build relationships outside of the business but in a way that nurtures their business.

Through business networking  you can increase your business opportunities in many ways, and in this post I’ll share 8 ways with you.

1. Business Networking Grows You More Referrals

A referral is considered a “hot” lead. This is someone who has already likely been sold on your business products and or services. All you have to do is provide the referral with the information they want, follow up, and close the deal.

2. It Builds Trust

Trust is one of the foundations of business. People are more likely to want to do business with someone they trust. Networking events give others an opportunity to see you outside of your element and in a new way. Seeing you as a human being will build the trust, as you work toward building relationships that last regardless of what they can do for you.

3. Your Word of Mouth Skyrockets

A well-honed networker has higher word-of-mouth buzz than others because they have demonstrated, through their actions, that they are a resource to others. It doesn’t matter what you sell; if you are vocal about your business, but also helpful and provide advice freely, you’ll be the first person people think about when they need to offer someone a referral.

4. Business Networking Increases Career Satisfaction

When you are happier, it shows when you present your opportunity to others. If you are not happy and don’t understand why you are doing something, it shows too. By practicing presenting your ideas and business to others at networking events, online and off, you will gain confidence in your abilities and it will shine through.

5. Provides a Great Market Education

When you are more knowledgeable about your market, you will create more opportunities for yourself and your business. Networking with peers is great for referrals and comrades, but networking with your audience also provides an education in your market that you cannot get any other way, if you’re listening.

6. Improves Your Communication Abilities

The more you network with others, the better you’ll get at communicating with others. The better you are at communicating, the more people will like and trust you. The more people like and trust you, the busier your business will be.

 7.It Makes You to Be Ready

Just the act of going to a networking event pushes you out of your comfort zone and makes you study your business, your audience, and understand what type of education you need to succeed. It gets you outside of your bubble in a way that nothing else can.

8. Gives You the Ability to Test Prior to Production

When you network with honest people, especially your peers, you can try out ideas before putting them into practice. You can see what their reaction is before you waste too much time and money. These valuable insights will increase the profitability of your business!

Business Networking is one of the best ways to increase opportunities for you and your business. Fancy joining us at a business networking meeting for women?

10 Conversation Generators

Business Networking: 10 Conversation Generators

10 Conversation GeneratorsYou’re at a business networking event. You’ve mastered your body language, you’ve read all the business networking books you can get your hands on and now it’s time to actually talk to people at a business networking event. And that means starting a conversation that’s meaningful and not a half-hearted:

“Do you come here often? What work do you do?”

What can you say that  generates a conversation and makes you both look interesting? And it cannot be run of the mill conversations like “What do you do for a living”. You need nice, open-ended questions that enable a business conversation without sounding like an interrogation.  You could also ask how they heard about the event.

Well don’t panic, 1230 TWC have got your back. Here are 10 conversation generators that will get the conversation flowing nicely, but obviously you don’t need to ask them all at once!

The first question is a great one because it enables you to think about who you can connect to the person you’re networking with, when you follow it up with question two, you’re clarifying exactly who they love to work with. Question three enables you to identify who can help from your own network, if help is desired of course. These three questions alone will enable you to build your network and make attractive introductions.

  1. What type of clients does your business attract?
  2. What type of client is your least profitable and why?
  3. What is your biggest business challenge?
  4. Do you have employees? If so, what’s the most difficult thing you have to deal with relating to your employees?
  5. What’s the best thing that happened in your business so far this year?
  6. What is a typical working day like for you?
  7. How much client contact do you have on a daily basis?
  8. What do you like and dislike most about your business?
  9. What are the toughest problems and decisions that you handle?
  10. What is your next business move?

That’s 10 conversations starters! What about three more to really get your conversations going? Try:

  1. What problems or needs exist within your industry?
  2. Who are the most important people in your industry today?
  3. Where do you see your company going in the coming year?

I recommend you ask the last three when you have built up a rapport with the networker. To ask them straight away will make it look like you’re assessing their value to your network, and it’s based on their response!

The simplest, I find most effective is “Tell me about you.”

Wishing you many happy business networking conversations

PS What questions would you add to the list?