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October 2019

Caroline Gascoyne - East Dulwich Group says

 Be interested in the people that you're networking with - listen and ask questions. Networking isn't just about you - it's about building relationships. And if you don't care, why should anyone be interested in you?!

September 2019

Tina Neve - Bromley Group says

 Prepare - understand your aims / objectives beforehand.

August 2019

Rebecca Ffrascan - Bromley Group says

 Keep going and sit next to different people so that you extend your network and make new closer connections every time.

July 2019

Ankita Desai - Bromley Group says

 Find out as much as you can about other Members' businesses. If there is something you're not sure on ask more about that.

June 2019

Susi Gillespie - Thomas Mansfield - Sevenoaks & Tunbridge Wells, City Groups says

We all have something in common - friends; family, holidays, etc, so think of your life when opening a conversation and surely you will be able to compare and discuss interests with anyone!

May 2019

Elizabeth Davidson - Waha Guru - Thanet Home Group  says

If, like me, you struggle with your one minute USP practice practice practice…and record your practice either voice or visual, yikes I hear you cry!! But trust me it works. I have only four statements to make and I use a keyword at the start as a reminder of what should follow. My name and me, my approach, how I differ and what I offer…simples!!

April 2019

Anna Wright - In-Indigo - Bromley Home Group  says

To build rapport, make the person you are talking to feel like the only person in the Room. Even if they do something completely different to you, find the thing you can link to. 

Be authentic, Listen and Be Interested!

March 2019

Helen Manchip - BR6Life - Orpington Home Group and Host  says

Talk to as many people as possible in the time available; take cards and write notes to remember who is who. Make sure you contact who you meet within 24 hours.

February 2019

Liz Engel - Beckenham Travel - Bromley Home Group  says

Don't assume that everyone knows about your industry. I used to think - I'm a travel agent - everyone knows what I do, so what can I say? It turns out that most people love to hear about all the different types of holiday and fab destinations that they'd not thought of. The world is fascinating. Remember, it's not what you do, but what you offer.

January 2019

Georgina Loom - Virtual Admin Support - Bromley Home Group says

Be consistent - attend events regularly

November 2018

Jennie Horchover - HR Dept - Uxbridge Home Group and Host says

If you're a introvert like me, and feeling nervous in a big crowd of strangers, look for those on their own "pretending" to be doing something important on their phone. They'll be grateful you took the initiative to go over to them.

October 2018

Caterina Bernardini - Your Home Our Home - Bromley Home Group and Host  says 

Always ask questions and be interested in the other person. This will help them relax and you will build rapport in a good conversation.
It’s not about what’s in it for you; as with everything in life, if you help others you will be rewarded tenfold. It’s important that you make connections, but, during this process, learn to be an introducer and help others to make connections too.

September 2018

Angela Haynes-Ranger -  Adourable - Croydon Home Group and Host says

Know how to explain what you offer, why should anyone come to you; have business cards and contact details with you always.

August 2018

Claudette Webb - The Design Webb - Blackheath & Greenwich Home Group and Host says

Just be yourself.

No-one is judging you; have a conversation which includes details about what you offer and why they should come to you.

May 2018

Lucy Ellis - Breakthrough Funding - Margate/Birchington Home Group - says

Never walk into a room expecting to walk out with a client. Networking is all about building relationships and a good network of people. I’ve been networking for five months now and I’ve only just started seeing the benefits. I’ve met a few clients in the ‘room’ along the way but most of my business has come from meeting people who have put me in touch with their connections.