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You are what you think !

In the field of health care, new, powerful movements are taking place. Latest scientific discoveries are now proving that we are not passive in terms of creating health and well-being; we are active creators in the process. With this knowledge, taking responsibility for our health can reap great benefits.
There is a movement away from seeing good health as a lottery; with our lives pre-determined by the genes we inherit. I believe that this is a crucial development as we are now being encouraged to look at creating health, rather than avoiding illness.
The mind-body link has been scientifically proven. When the neuroscientist, Dr Candace Pert, discovered the natural opiate endorphin sites in the brain, she proved that mind and body are inextricably linked in the creation of health and well-being. It is not she says ‘’a question of mind over matter, but mind actually making matter.”
To put it in simple terms: the quality of our thoughts and feelings have a direct impact on our body chemistry and ultimately our health
As a Holistic Life Coach, I work with clients to enable them to make effective life choices, enrich their relationships, create greater health and well-being and effect these positive changes in their lives
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Posted by Beverley Hamilton on 04/02/2010 14:39:36

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