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Life’s Ups ‘n’ downs

roller coasterDo you find that life is full of ups and downs?  You work hard, things go well, maybe not so well – that’s life.

Over the past few weeks, in addition to my usual day-to-day, I’ve made connections with other businesswomen whose own business network went down.  The up is that I’ve made some fabulous contacts and these great businesswomen are now part of 1230 TWC  and I’ve learnt lots from everyone that I’m fortunate to meet.

I had a bit of a “down” moment this week, but that was quickly followed by more ups – spent time with my family, got soaked in an unexpected downpour of rain, heard that my friend and neighbour’s daughter has just had a beautiful baby boy – they’ve been having a tough time, so thrilled for them all.

And now, I’ve just been paid a wonderful compliment and the writer wants to write a more expansive testimonial, so up again – and onwards!  Hope your life is full of ups too!

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Coral Turner says 17 June 2013

Ups and downs, that was a really nice blog. I would be interested in attending a meeting to learn more my nearest would be Blackheath, would you let me know when they next have a meeting. All my very best to you ladies at 1230.

Kind regards

    Jackie R Groundsell
    Jackie R Groundsell says 19 June 2013

    Hi Coral – We’d love to welcome you to a meeting – whereabouts are you based?
    best wishes

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