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Would you like to learn to be more confident?

I’m really excited to present the Wisewolf “Learn to be Confident” Program to 1230 TWC. It is specially tailored to meet your needs. It consists of 5 one-to-one coaching sessions by Skype or telephone together with interesting exercises and worksheets. Below you will find additional information on what is included in each session.

Part 1 – Understanding Confidence
• Have you ever really thought about how confident you are?
• In which areas of your life are you lacking in confidence? What has made you this way? How do you come across to others?
• With Understanding Confidence, I will give you the tools to help you identify the answers to these questions.
• I will also show you how to understand body language (crucial to developing confident relationships) as well as how to talk to anyone, anywhere.
• This is an essential ‘first-step’ for anyone wishing to embark on a more confident journey.

Part 2 – The Skills of Confident Thinking
• Have you ever convinced yourself that you are bad at something? How did it affect your performance?
• The fact is, when you want to become more confident it is important to have a confident thinking style – to be optimistic.
• With The Skills of Confident Thinking, I will help you to identify and challenge some of the most common thinking errors that drain confidence. You will consider the way in which your thinking affects your feelings and, in turn, how your feelings dictate the way you behave.
• Life is as good as you make it and this begins with the way you think, so The Skills of Confident Thinking is an invaluable stage in the process of becoming confident.

Part 3 – The Skills of Confident Feeling
• Do you know how to get the most from your own and other peoples’ emotions?
• In The Skills of Confident Feelings I will show you a range of emotional skills that you can use in many different situations to increase your confidence.
• You will consider the importance of learning to praise yourself and others and you will also discover how to manage confidence-draining emotions such as depression, guilt, anger, shame, humiliation and anxiety.
• This information packed session will give you a fundamental head start in influencing not only how you feel, but also other people’s attitudes towards you.

Part 4 – The Skills of Confident Behaviour
• How do you cope with difficult situations? Do you have the ability to deal with challenges competently? Do you find it difficult to be assertive?
• The fact is, the more skills you have to sort out the challenges that life brings, the more quickly and effectively you can deal with the situations presented.
• With The Skills of Confident Behaviour, I will equip you with the necessary tools you need to handle difficult situations effectively and with confidence. I will guide you through the process of how to develop problem solving skills.
• You will also learn the skills you will need to become more assertive and, in turn, more confident.
• This content filled session will be an invaluable resource for any number of circumstances. It will provide you with the necessary skills to help you keep in control and handle situations more confidently.

Part 5 – The Skills of Confident Living
• How often do you catch yourself saying, “I would love to but I don’t have the time”? Do you find yourself wishing things were different but unable to find the time to make the changes you want?
• There are many conflicting demands on your time such as balancing work, day-to-day activities, home and social life. The Skills of Confident Living will help you to develop the time management skills you need to live your life effectively.
• You will be able to develop the skills required to identify and manage the kinds of stresses that you may be facing that could be undermining your confidence.
• I will also help you to consider whether your diet is supportive of your confidence or whether it hinders your abilities.
• These skills of confident living provide your core support to achieving the confidence you desire
• I hope you find this information useful.

This is a new program and for a short period it is available at the special price of £200 UK. This includes five personal coaching sessions and all materials. But for 1230TWC members I am offering a further 10% discount.

To join the program, to find out more or to take advantage of this special offer price please email wendymason@wisewolfcoaching.com quoting Offer1230TWC
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