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Why Ovacome?

Many moons ago, in 1230 TWC HO we were badgered by people wanting us to support their charity, not the charities themselves, just their supporters. “Badgered” is probably being unkind, but that’s how it felt.

We concluded that the reality is that there are many worthy charities; everyone only has so many pennies in their pockets, supporting charities personal to them – so we stood fast, and stood back, from making any hasty decisions.

But we did want to make a difference, so did some research and as an organisation supporting business women, there was one charity which stood out to us – Ovacome.

Ovacome is a small charity with head offices in London, supporting those affected by ovarian cancer. We watched the Ovacome web site for a while and arranged to meet the CEO Louise Bayne. Louise was delightful and told us that she had recently recovered from ovarian cancer. We decided that 1230 TWC would do all it could to raise awareness of Ovacome and its invaluable work.

The first 1230 TWC Ovacome fund-raising event was held at The Savoy Ballroom, supported by Frank Usher Fashions with a glitzy cat walk; again supported by Frank Usher Fashions, in the second and third years we held fabulous events at the Gherkin and Canary Wharf. Our fund-raising events are never without a little blip! Like the year “James Bond” was unwell and we had to find a substitute with 10 minutes to spare and the following year, the models had arrived but the fabulous outfits were stuck in a traffic jam! This year was no exception, but less dramatic and cute!

This year – 1230 High Speed Success on 24 September was held at the Champagne Bar, St Pancras Grand and supported by business women and men. Actress and Ovacome Patron Jenny Agutter’s little dog “Tufty” came too as a surprise guest! She was travelling with Jenny to her home for the weekend.

An added twist to this sparkling event in aid of Ovacome, was Jenny Agutter’s interview with FMWF’s own Marketing Blogger entrepreneurial Chartered Marketer Dee Blick who shared with us the highs and lows of her business career.

Louise, told us “Our BEAT Ovarian Cancer campaign tells every woman in the UK what to look out for; women can beat the disease if they listen to their bodies, spot subtle but distinct changes and get help at an early stage.” “At the same time Ovacome’s BEAT campaign will raise the profile of the disease with GPs, who often dismiss its symptoms as irritable bowel syndrome or the menopause. “This is not surprising when you consider that the average GP will come across just one case of ovarian cancer in 5 years.”

Louise is an extremely sensitive caring person with great vision for the wonderful work delivered by Ovacome. It’s an absolute pleasure and joy to know her and to support Ovacome’s invaluable work in this way. We are delighted that our raffle this year raised over £400.

1230 TWC is also blessed with generous supporters; our Members, Rooks Rider With Women in Mind, Matt Duggan of ‘Working Magic’ who with the ‘Opera on the Run’ duo kept us highly entertained! Neal’s Yard hand massages, and wonderful raffle prizes, from hotel stays to portraits, haute couture items, travel on Eurostar to name just a few.

At the end of the evening we were exhausted but elated that the event was such a huge success.

“Thank you for a fabulous afternoon on Friday – very entertaining and I met some terrific women. 1230 TWC must feel very proud! Well done on a very successful event, in an extremely worthwhile cause” said Margaret Duggan 1230 TWC Member.

So with just time to catch our breaths, we’re onto planning next year’s event. Would you like to work with us on this? Get in touch on events@1230.co.uk 020 8650 8015 www.1230.co.uk

Further details about Ovacome can be found at www.ovacome.org.uk

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