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What has networking got to do with Recruitment?

Networking is great!

Meeting local business people, building up networks, making friends, promoting your business and usually getting a good meal at the same time – is something that the staff of Rowetate spend a lot of time doing.

We are members of several groups in the East Midlands and London and have met lots of business people on the way.

Recently we’ve been talking to a lot of companies in Olney, Bucks. Olney is lovely village with lots of independent businesses and shops, a weekly market and a monthly farmers market, but it is an area that we wanted to get to know more. So we thought what better way than to get networking there.

We are looking for something for women only – don’t ask us why, but we just prefer it that way sometimes. So we’ve decided to set up our own networking group.

After attending several 1230 The Women’s Company networking lunches in London, we thought it would be the perfect group to bring into the Midlands and so that is what we have done. Our launch event will be Tuesday 23rd March at Olney Wine Bar and Restaurant. You can find out more or book here.

Of course none of that answers the question: What has networking got to do with Recruitment? We believe that recruitment generally comes down to finding companies the right staff and candidates the right job and the best way to do that is to get to know the local market, meet up with local business people and find out what makes them all tick.

Traditionally, recruitment agencies relied on advertising their services and their positions and of course we do that as well. But that said, we’re not a traditional agency, we believe that ‘people buy from people’ and the best way to get to know people is to talk to them.

Do you agree?

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