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What good is Twitter? It’s only for social use, it’s only for business use……

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve attended meetings where I’ve heard “I only use Twitter socially, definitely not for business”, “I don’t use Twitter, will never use Twitter”, “my clients come to me through personal contact only” and “I’m proud to say I don’t use Twitter”.

Interesting. On Saturday, within the space of less than one hour, I’d made 3 really useful contacts and all I’d done was put out a request on Twitter for a personally recommended venue.

Actually, the initial contacts were made within seconds. Here’s what happened.

Mark Shaw, Twitter Guru extraordinaire runs the free lead generation service – @msrfr (Mark Shaw’s request for a recommendation service) – what better place for 1230 TWC to seek help in finding a suitable, personally recommended venue for a 1230 TWC meeting. I sent out “anyone personally recommend restaurant for lunchtime meetings, West End #London which values networkers #msrfr

Back came 2 responses – one from Kevin Coughlan of C.Elect Electrical Services Ltd, and one from Mike Briercliffe of Mike Briercliffe.com Both of which I followed up by looking at the recommended venues’ web sites. The one recommended by Kevin looked good and was more the required locality. But I will be visiting both venues.

Looking at this venue web site I spotted a typo, sorry, but it’s a bit of a thing with me. Having nothing better to do this rainy Saturday, lol! I let the web developer know about the typo. I was thanked with a brilliant social media map, and another typo! Oh dear, what to do……. Well, you’ve guessed it; I let him know about that one too! And then posted on Twitter as to whether the web developer would appreciate my letting him know about the 2 typos.

Back came Andrew Palmer, said web developer and it would seem, web developer and video businessman extraordinaire, whilst thanking me, I felt was a slightly less than happy response I thought. Oooopsy. Oh dear, I was just being helpful I thought – I’d want to know, but to be fair, wouldn’t necessarily be happy about being told by a stranger. Anyway, I explained to Andrew the how’s and why’s and being the super chap he is, it would seem I have a permanent spell-checking role (just teasing) plus, and more importantly, 3 extremely helpful and delightful contacts 2 of whom I will shortly be meeting – all through Twitter! Thanks Guys!

So, what good is Twitter? Need I ask?…….


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