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Weigh Out on Youtube!

Yesterday CiCi and I spent the day (and night!) making 6 short films for Youtube. We had managed to get an experienced producer, Bunny Martin, to film us in exchange for coming on one of our Weigh Out weekends before Christmas. CiCi and I both have a Theatre/TV background, in fact we met at drama college about 28 years ago!! The experience was great fun and we’re really pleased with the results (especially as most of the films were achieved in one take).
We talk about stress,fatigue,escapist and addictive overeating. Also we are in the process of having our Weigh Out website designed and we are very excited because it is likely to be ready in a couple of weeks. All we need to do now is work out how to upload yesterdays creativity on to youtube! We’ll let you know when we have.

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