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Visualise to Materialise

I have just embarked on an exciting inner journey and will be blogging my progress over the next four weeks.

Yesterday I had my first Vision Board session with member Susie Jeffries. The session started with a very relaxing meditation in which I was encouraged to leave any issues outside and focus on what I wanted to bring into my life. I pictured my board and soon found that at the centre of that was my need for harmony, health and wellbeing in my life.

One by one, three corners emerged on the board:
My work and purpose
My relationship with my husband
My family & friends
For a while the fourth corner was empty ~ I stayed with that and thought… perhaps I will discover here what that will be

Minutes later whilst still meditating it appeared ~ it was the ‘me’ corner, importantly, what recharged my batteries in order to give to the other corners

Moving on in the session I started to sketch out my vision onto paper and saw how intentions start to crystalize once expressed. It was very interesting to see how areas flowed from one to another.

I needed guidance on one section of my board and used the angel cards that Susie had laid out for this. The first card I picked gave me insight into something that was blocking me and needed letting go of. The second card I drew from another pack gave me the answer I needed !

My homework is to find pictures and words to personalise my board.

When I left, Susie told me to look out for events and happenings this week.

When I got home I had two invitations of work at well-being events. During my acupunture session later that afternoon. I also had a very important message from Judy Bowen-Jones in terms of looking after myself.

So watch this space for future updates!

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