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Very recent success with 2 properties

As an interior stylist or ‘house doctor’, I have just completed 2 very different projects, both houses for sale. One was an elderly lady’s home-she had recently died and her daughter had inherited the home and wanted to sell it. The house badly needed to be updated, at minimal cost-this I did, just before Christmas. It is already under offer, from a cash buyer. One very happy client!

The other was a beautiful Victorian villa in Tunbridge Wells’ Lansdowne Road. Such a beautiful house but as the owner lived in New York, I was left to my own devices and succeeded in breathing in new life, with very minimal outlay. Result is that it was remarketed at the beginning of January with a new agent after my input and there has been a price war over the house and exchange is taking place this week. Yet another happy and very satisfied client! I just love it when everything comes together like that-true job satisfaction! Denny Gaskell. Metamorphosis Interior Style Consultant.

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