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Top Tips for the Shooting Season

Light and shade
The low autumn sunshine gives a wonderful natural light and fantastic shadows, which result in particularly effective landscape photography. The loveliest lighting is around 3pm, before it gets too dark. Look out for the changing colour in the trees and the dramatic way the sunlight hits the sides of buildings. Budding fashion photographers: why not try shooting your models against this glorious natural background. Parents: photograph your children kicking up the crunchy leaves, and enjoy the glowing light on their faces.

Party on, dude!
Pictures of places and products are all very well, but nothing beats pictures of people that you’ll look at again and again. Halloween is a great chance to capture images of your friends and family, maybe all dressed up for a party,
dunking apples or off trick-or-treating. Remember you’ll need to use ?ash if you’re photographing indoors or outdoors after dark.

Gunpowder, treason and plot
Fireworks night offers another great photo opportunity at this time of year. To capture all those exciting aerial explosions, you’ll need a good viewpoint, a tripod (to stop camera shake) and a slow shutter speed. Oh, and wish for clear skies!

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