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Top Learning Resources for Adults

Top Learning Resources for Adults

Studying isn’t just for the university students. Maybe you’re looking for a chance in career paths, need to gain a qualification for a promotion, or simply want to be more knowledgeable or better at your job. Whatever the case, here are our picks for the top learning resources for adults.

Khan Academy

Although Khan Academy is branded as a resource for kids, their registry asks for a date of birth as a learner and scrolls all the way back to 1902. So, anyone under 119 can learn. There are adult-friendly and university-level courses on a limited number of subjects to help you out.

With lessons on maths, English literature, languages, and humanities amongst the best, Khan Academy is a helpful resource for those looking to brush up on some forgotten skills or to study for that higher that has suddenly become vital to a qualification.

The Open University

Created to foster distance learning, The Open University offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in almost anything you can think of. Gain a Masters degree from the comfort of your own home, or take a module in something you’re interested in. Everything from engineering to mental health is on offer, with nursing and criminology in between.

Go at your own pace with full time or part time options available in all courses and be taught by leading professionals and institutions.

What you earn is up to you, with courses and modules resulting in credits. Earn 120 credits and you’ll get a certificate, 240 and you’ll earn a diploma and 360 for a degree. Modules are worth 30 or 60 credits and are chosen by you.


More for those looking to educate an entire team, WahooLearning is an educational service for businesses, offering e-learning content catered to your business and staff and even the ability to create and sell your own training content.

Create customised e-learning content created for you or your whole team, then post it online for an ongoing profit. Learn subjects such as finance management and learner support from leading experts.


Skillshare is a subscription-based educational service with a range of courses for you to take. Learn online those niche and obscure classes too odd for university. Have a go at digital animation or web development. Build you leadership or marketing skills. Or see what the lifestyle category has to offer if you fancy just learning something new like macrame or self-care.

Enjoy tutors at the top of their game, who you might recognise. Queer Eye’s smiling Jonathan Van Ness gives a self-care class that covers “Releasing Limiting Beliefs” and “The Joy of Discovery”.

Access Skillshare ForTeams to allow your entire team to take on of 35,000 courses on the site, with support and a team plan to keep track of everyone’s progress.

There are also free online classes for you to browse on every category with a subscription of £13 a month, but watch any YouTuber and you’re sure to find a discount code.


YouTube is a free how-guide on everything. You can learn to knit or do yoga or fix a car with YouTube, so its educational resources are abundant. Be careful who you trust though, since anyone can upload whatever misinformation they fancy. Look out for college and university channels and educational channels representing learning businesses.

Some reputable sources of education are channels such as:

  • Crash Course
  • CGP Grey
  • VSauce
  • Veritasium
  • Big Think


If you really want to learn from the certified best of the best, take a look at MasterClass. Another subscription-based platform, MasterClass boasts such names as The Handmaid’s Tale author Margaret Atwood teaching creative writing, The West Wing creator and Social Network director Aaron Sorkin teaching screenwriting, and Neil deGrasse Tyson teaching Scientific Thinking and Communication. MasterClass is the star-studded school of the future.

Design with Anna Wintour, play tennis with Serena Williams or learn to cook with Gordon Ramsey.

Even if you have no interest in say, singing, it’s hard to not want to hear what Christina Aguilera has to say about the craft then move onto deadmau5’s take for £14 a month.

Open courses

Universities and colleges are offering open courses available to learn from online. Yale, MIT and Harvard are just some of the American colleges offering online courses, even if it’s not very common from British universities.

Registration is not required so Brits can access a wealth of video, audio and text transcript lessons on everything they have to offer.

Whether it’s how to unclog a sink, dealing with anxiety, or gaining a degree in rocket science, you can find it somewhere on this list. Learn online with the help of knowledgeable tutors and notice yourself turning into someone you can be proud of – with either the confidence, sink or certificate to prove it.

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