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Too Small?

Due to holidays and sickness some of the 1230 meetings I’ve headed over the past couple of weeks might be considered (by some) to be “too” small. But one of the things I have learnt over the years is that there is no such thing as a meeting which is too small. Groups of around 8 are small/er, but you might say beautifully formed and what networking opportunities they present. Each one I have attended has given everyone, including me, the opportunity to find out much more about all those there. And as we all know with all things, it isn’t size but quality which is important and, what you do with those contacts.

We talk about and know that networking success is about building relationships which leads us to secure business, but how great it is when we actually see this working at a meeting – for ourselves and for others. It is so rewarding to see this happening.

Recently at the Esher meeting I listened as a to-be member had gained business in just one short meeting with a member. Her 1230 membership cost was secured in that one meeting! How great is that!

At this week’s Beckenham meeting I was able to make recommendations and connections to 2 of those attending – which reminds me I need to confirm the details in an email to them!

And so the success of networking goes on, but you need to be there to make it work for you!

See you there!

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