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The quickest way to being a spammer

Add everyone to your database
When you go to networking, conferences or training events, the common activity is the exchanging of business cards.

This exchange may be done for all sorts of reasons and you have to be clear what people are expecting when they offer you their card.

If you are in doubt, ask them at the time whether they would like to receive your regular newsletter or promotional material. If you are uncomfortable with asking this, then that is a sign that the answer may not be affirmative. Wait and build that relationship further before asking them.

This doesn’t happen when networking online for people’s email addresses are usually hidden from view. You have to wait for them to give you their details.

The next time you receive emails after a networking event, let the person know that you don’t want to be contacted in this way or you can just consign them to the spam folder. The upside is that their emails will become less likely to be delivered in future. The downside is that you may still receive further emails.

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