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Take your foot off the gas!

We live in an age of high speed communication, multi tasking and information overload where life has changed in one generation and is now conducted at a hurtling pace with demands my mother would have found inconceivable.

Our nervous systems are so over stimulated by these demands, relaxation time is never truly relaxing and time out to think creatively can be impossible because our brains are still thinking about what we haven’t done or what there is to do.

When I ask the people I coach or counsel to write out the amount of tasks or commitments they expect to fulfil in one week, you can almost see their heads spin like Tim Burton when he played Beetlejuice! Try it, see how far you get. Include everything from dog walking, commuting, changing your energy supplier etc.etc.

This life is making people sick.The number of people coming to me with stress issues, failing relationships and unhappy teenagers has doubled.

So, in the last two years I have been working with Benedictine monks, Deepak Chopra and Reiki masters to help my clients restore balance in their lives and create a safe calm place where they can think through ‘their’ priorities in life and not those thrust upon us by the media,peer pressure or another self help book on achievement, and goal setting.

If you feel guilty, stressed, bad, a failure, anxious, angry, vindictive, depressed, unwell, actually you are showing a normal response to living a life which is attempting to meet expectations which are not yours. Of course we all will be expected to fulfil others expectations or deliver results in line with our responsibilities but taken to excess,or unrealistic, these expectations start to become damaging.

So, this week, pick one thing you can let go. Say no to a request. Edit your Facebook site. Take your foot off the gas. Go slower, get better, get freer. be you.

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