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Synergies and Collaboration – why would you?

Definition of collaboration = the action of working with someone to produce something (Oxford Dictionaries)

Do you always see the synergies, the possibilities to collaborate when speaking to others, or when you are networking, more particularly, when you’re listening to others’ 1 minutes?  Maybe you don’t see the synergies straight away, but you do when you revisit your notes later…  Why would you want to collaborate with others?  Let’s take a look at some possibilities.

You are an expert in your own field, your own business.  But are you an expert in all subjects required for successful business, for something new and different?  Let’s consider your area of expertise is weight loss.  Amongst those around you at a networking meeting is an image consultant, a beautician, a venue Manager and a multi-disciplined practitioner in alternative therapies.  Getting the picture?  Let’s further consider that during the subsequent meeting you have together you decide to “do something” together.

To set it up and manage the finances, this needs the help and advice of an accountant.  This project also needs marketing, using traditional methods and social media.  Guess what? You have also met those people.  You may have a little knowledge in these fields, but you are by no means an expert.  With another or others your business offering is stronger, more successful, different.

Eagerly, I saw part of this scenario happen at a recent 1230 TWC Bromley meeting.  Where will it go?  I don’t know, but the prospect is more than exciting – I can’t wait to learn more.

Can you think of any synergies and reasons to collaborate, now?  Thought you would!

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