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Sunshine really helps you to focus!

Some days I think that the “working from home” dream is actually a nightmare in disguise. Admittedly those days are few and far between – and always, always, always seem to occur when I am invaded by legions of tradesmen who are (I am quite sure) hellbent on destroying my calm, peaceful, creative environment.

So today, with my nerves and eardrums having barely survived 4 hours of non-stop banging (our home is getting a lovely new slate hat!), I decided that it was sheer folly to stay looking blankly at a screen. How on earthy can anyone focus while tracking each loud bang across the width of the house, trying to second-guess which light fitting is next to fall?

I discovered the power of sunshine!!!

Gathering my notes and laptop, I tore out of the house at full speed (very necessary while misplaced rendering falls constantly through the scaffolding planks – how I wish I’d kept my son’s Bob the Builder hat!). My destination? Holland Gardens, a gorgeous little corner in Wimbledon.

I was amazed at how invigorated I felt by virtue of being in lush green surroundings, a multitude of birds chirping and singing to each other.

My daily 15-minutes-of-silence was much easier outdoors than in (this is the first part of the Joy Diet which I am vainly trying to follow), and immediately I felt my creative urges starting to ping back into place … my vagueness from this morning had completely vanished. Hurrah!

Just 90 minutes of warm sunshine and being away from the (very charming) roofers was far more productive than spending all day trying to zone out the chaos surrounding me. As sunshine helps seedlings grow into big, beautiful flowers, it surely helped me to get back on track with my workflow this afternoon and it was a real blessing to be able to people-watch while working, too!

So now I am putting all of my energies this evening into manifesting lots more lovely warm sunshine … why not join in with me, and see what wonders we can dream up and turn into reality tomorrow, with the sunshine to help us focus and nurture our visions?Posted by on 18/09/2008 17:11:59

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