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Sub-Post Offices saga continues!

The saga of the government’s forced closure of sub-Post Offices continues with the strange sight of cabinet and non-cabinet ministers campaigning against the closures in their own backyards.
It’s true that in some countries there has been wholesale closure of post offices. That might be a solution to the economic crises those PTT’s face but in  UK more is at stake. Most sub-Post Offices here are co-supportive of other businesses, usually an attached shop, and closure of one will in many cases inevitably lead to closure of the other. Further, those shops, especially in rural locations, are typically the last remaining shop in a community. Close it and another thread of social, business and cultural life is severed for ever.
Unwelcome it might be, but perhaps the answer lies in turning over post office services to a private contractor as has happened in the Netherlands. I now receive letters from that country postmarked TNT. Another answer might be for the government to stop squeezing life out of the Post Office by withdrawing services (for which the government pays a service charge) such a vehicle taxation, from many sub-Post Offices.

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