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Yesterday on Twitter I was called “Stoopid” by David Lee Venters of Croydon who promptly then blocked me from following him!

How interesting I thought!

His observation and posting on his Twitter page was the result of my Tweeting with a PowerPoint tip. So I guess he doesn’t deliver many PowerPoint presentations, and if he does it’s likely to be Death by PowerPoint.

Firstly – how long is the average person’s concentration span? Well it used to be 20 mins, but now with the speed of social media it’s much quicker.

So here’s the thing. You’re given 1 hr to deliver a presentation. Do you deliver death by PowerPoint for 1 hr and have your audience snoozing at around 25 mins in, if not sooner? Or do you break up that 1 hr with a variety of presentation?

In case you can’t think of any alternatives eg alternating between flip chart, whiteboard, PowerPoint, You! And here’s where the PowerPoint Tip comes in.

Sometimes when delivering a PowerPoint presentation you’d like the audience to totally focus on you and not be distracted by anything, including the content of the latest slide. This maybe because you want to emphasise a particular point, you may want to work on the flip chart, you may want to emphasise the impact of the next slide, or you maybe the MC and you’re handing over to the next speaker, whatever the reason this tip is invaluable – it’s so easy!

With the PowerPoint show still open, just press “B” (stands for black, ie black screen) without the quotes, or “W” (stands for white, ie white screen) then when you’re ready, just repeat and you can continue delivering from PowerPoint.

Now who’s stoopid? Not you that’s for sure, because your audience is still listening to you! Just give it a whirl and you’ll see….

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