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Sticking to a commitment really works

“Don’t travel unless you absolutely have to,” the ticket office man at Lewes Station said to me. “Travel at your own peril!” This was the challenge given to my business partner Julie Mann today. We have our Weigh Out Harley Street four week February Course starting this evening at 6.00. Sometimes it takes extraordinary behaviour to go beyond where we would normally get stopped. Jules phoned me from Lewes – “No trains C, but I am going to Brighton.” So off to Brighton she went and arrived in London, against all the odds at 1.30. Most people give up on themselves when it gets difficult. Weigh Out and EFT focuses on staying committed to taking care of ourselves and not giving up. With all the challenges that we face today, whether, the economy, relationship, health or the weather, EFT offers a lifeline to changing the way we relate to ourselves and the world at large. See Penny Denby’s blog for her thoughts on the January Weigh Out course.

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