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Springing forward……

What a great buzz there was at the East Grinstead meeting today. We had a fantastic speaker in Dee Blick ~ award winning author of:POWERFUL MARKETING ON A SHOESTRING BUDGET FOR SMALL BUSINESSES

Dee’s passion shone through as she recounted her story of how this book got off the ground. In the last eight months Dee realised her lifetime ambition of writing her first book. ‘Powerful Marketing On A Shoestring Budget For Small Businesses’ was published in December 2008 and is currently selling in the USA, Italy, Israel, Korea and the UK.To date she has sold 11k copies on Amazon ~ how inspiring is that!

However, writing the book proved to be a real challenge for Dee because she has chronic repetitive strain injury in her upper body, a condition that makes it impossible for her to use a computer keyboard and that makes handwriting for any period of time very difficult. Nevertheless, she managed to write the book in just four months, whilst continuing to run her full-time marketing consultancy business. In this informal talk, Dee shared what motivated her to write the book and how she overcame some major physical barriers. All in all an incredible lady.

Dee very kindly donated a signed copy of her book for the business card draw, this was won by member Elaine McGloin.

Some great networking took place today and it was heartening to see how members’ businesses have taken off in the last few months

I feel that the confidence and diversity that women are showing , particularly during these challenging times is in great part due to the continued support, motivation and inspiration that members give each other.

Thanks again to Christine Wise for her support in organising the meeting and to all those who attended. Onwards and upwards !

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