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Roller Banners – for the vertically challenged!

lightbulb_momentladder_peepsThe average height of a roller banner, you know the ones that arrive in a neat carry-case, retractable, is 6’ 5”.

I’m 5’ 4½”.  So opening the case, pulling out the banner, hooking the looong pole into the top of the banner, takes some doing, (standing on a chair is not an option, borrowing a tall person – maybe, but not always readily available) unless you have a method.

And I have the perfect method!

To extend the Roller Banner

  • Remove the banner from the case
  • Remove the folded pole from the banner insert
  • Extend the pole to full size
  • Place roller banner on the floor
  • Insert the pole into the metal casing hole

Do not pull out banner feet at this stage

  • With plenty of room behind you, hold the pole, grip the top of the roller banner firmly, walk backwards pulling out the banner horizontally as you go – roughly shoulder height.
  • With the banner fully extended (still roughly shoulder height) hook the pole into the top of the banner.
  • Push the banner into the upright position
  • Pull out banner feet.
  • Bingo – one fully extended roller-banner!

To collapse the Roller Banner

  • Push the banner feet back into the base
  • Reverse above details.


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