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Privileged – a day in the life of a networker – business woman

First Thursday of the month, so today is 1230 TWC Blackheath meeting!

e-mailed details of attendees and 1230 TWC news to Host Deborah Jones – check, booked in numbers attending with the venue, Chapters All Day Dining – check, plenty of business cards and special info cards packed – check, pen and note pad – check.  I’m ready to go!

Catch the train to Lewisham and then into Blackheath, easy… parking is also easy in Blackheath, but today I feel like using public transport.

I arrive in plenty of time to borrow a gorgeous pink rug from Chapters to head off onto the Heath for a 45 mins pre the meeting, light Yoga session with Theresa Web and other 1230 TWC attendees – something we do every month.

Under Theresa’s guidance we go through stretching like a cat and other light exercises which help us to be flexible and relaxed.  It’s a glorious day and being out in the open air to do this is just blissful.

The session’s finished and we head off to the meeting feeling refreshed and energised.

Having ordered our menu choices, Debbie outlines the agenda and updates everyone with 1230 TWC News. Next is to hear about everyone in their 1 minute talks.  Today a couple of 1230 TWC Member visitors from the Canterbury group have joined us – Jane and Michele.  Annabel whose home group is Blackheath gave a talk at the Tunbridge Wells meeting last week.

It’s great to see everyone making the most of their membership by visiting other meeting locations to help grow their business.

Our meal arrives and we’re able to find out more about everyone over lunch. I’m looking forward to today’s Take10 (Members 10 mins talk) from Ola – who asks us “How HUGgable is your business?” – Hear Understand and Give back incredible value.  Everyone agrees on the importance of giving value so to have Ola draw emphasis and provide tips is extremely valuable.

Debbie brings the meeting to a close by asking for testimonials, reminding us of next month’s meeting date, the importance of following up and making 1:1 appointments, and ensuring that everyone takes at least 3 of our special folded cards to hand to others when talking about 1230 TWC – that way the group grows and maintains its lively, productive, welcoming content.  We carry on with open networking.

I feel so privileged to circulate around all the monthly meetings – our Members can do that too without any restrictions.

1230 TWC Members can attend as many 1230 TWC Meetings as they wish each month, membership is of the whole 1230 TWC network, not simply a single group.  We don’t restrict 1230 TWC meetings to one woman from each business type.  We know with experience, that having more than one Member at a 1230 TWC meeting running similar businesses is a positive experience, often with synergies; the bottom line being that people buy people.  Members share their business experiences and help each other.  Our 1230 Select Guildford group historically is a single discipline for that location but they benefit from visiting other 1230 TWC groups and vice versa.

So refreshed in body and mind, informed and inspired, I say my farewells to everyone including the wonderful Chapters’ staff, collect my order from the butchers and from the fishmongers and head back to the office.

Next week I’m attending the new Folkestone group with some Members attending from both Blackheath (we’ll be sharing a lift together) and Canterbury groups.  Will you be there?  We’d love to see you.

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