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‘Positive thinking’ is the phrase of the week!

I never realised how fascinating the global money market could be until I met my beloved a few years ago … nor did I ever, for one moment, imagine I would be nigh-on addicted to watching a stock market ticker-tape at the top of my screen as I beavered away on my client’s projects.

But that is what has been happening in my neck of the woods these past few weeks, while the global economy seems to be doing a freefall skydive into oblivion.

So I’ve taken heed of a very wise man (Patrick White) who said that we need to stick up a huge sign above our doors saying “This business is not participating in the recession” – because I am not!

Yes, people are tightening their belts (truth be told, this should have started happening over a year ago when the warning signs were flashing up in neon lights worldwide) … but we must not cave in to the constant barrage of negative media.

Just focus on your goals, your aspirations, your achievements … shut out, as far as you can, the doom-and-gloom-merchants and see how you can streamline your business to make it as watertight as you can.

The markets’ spectacular crash yesterday afternoon has to be a very stark warning that we need a major rethink of how we live our lives, how we treat our finances and how we – as individuals, as a family unit, as a business, as part of a community – can help to get our world back on track. Not in the future – but NOW.

So please – watch the news, read the papers … but don’t fall into the trap of believing there is nothing to follow but desperate times. My personal opinion is that it’s going to be a very rough ride but without hope and the power of positive thinking, it’s going to be a heck of a lot tougher! We all need to pull together, keep on sparkling and support each other to keep our spirits (and profits) up.

Now, time to get my ‘stuff’ ready for tomorrow’s 1230 We Mean Business event in Bromley … a great way to elevate our spirits and drive forward our vision to be recession-proof. See you there!!!


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