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Personal Safety – 1230 Bromley

Today was a brilliant 1230 Bromley meeting, with more people pouring into the room so that we had to move to a different area of the restaurant.  Guest Speaker Gill Twyford from the Suzy Lamplugh Trust had our total concentration as she asked us questions of how we would react in potentially threatening situations.  And we didn’t always know the right answers.  In a calm and non-alarming way, Gill made us aware of our own vulnerability, of the choices we had and how we should prepare should we be attacked, or look as though we maybe attacked.  The statistics were interesting and some surprising, for example only 10% of crime is violent – we all thought it would be much higher than this but it’s the media which creates fear and therefore makes us feel more vulnerable.  Two-thirds of violence comes from people we know.  Men are twice as likely to be attacked than women.  Gill gave us tips to keep us safe, such as – how much of the contents of that expensive handbag do we really need in one place, spread it around our person, carry a personal alarm and how to use it.  Watch out for the next issue of 1230 Insight where there will be some more tips.  The next 1230 Bromley meeting is on Wednesday 21 May.

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