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Paying the Penalty

Networking Skill Tip

I was told of a wonderful solution recently to a common networking problem.

It’s one of the most frequent sights at a networking event. People from the same company spending the evening speaking with their work colleagues, before walking out together and telling each other “that was a waste of time”!

One business owner has come up with a different approach to the issue. If his staff attend an event together and don’t make the effort to meet new people, they have to pay for the events themselves. After all, he reasons, he doesn’t need to pay for a social night out for them.

Before you, or your staff, go to an event remind yourselves of the reasons for going and set challenges that keep you on track. If you are attending to build your network, make sure you meet new people…..or set a forfeit if you stay in your comfort zone.
Andy Lopata

Posted by Andy Lopata – Connecting is not Enough on 17/03/2009 16:43:33

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