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Pain? What pain!

A couple of months ago I finally plucked up the courage to go to see a surgeon about my varicose vein and then decided to go for EVLT, a laser treatment to close the valve at the top of the saphenous vein.

I had the treatment on Tuesday. I opted for local anaesthesia as I didn’t think the procedure sounded particularly invasive or traumatic. I’m glad I did. Although I needed quite a few injections it was nowhere near as bad as dental anaesthics.

The surgeon recommended Voltarol and Codydramol post opertively, neither of which I am keen on so I gratefully declined.

Unfortunately I had an allergic reation to the sticky bandage they strapped my leg with so after 24 hours had to remove it. This I did with trepidation as the surgeon had warned me my leg would be most painful at this point. Not so!

I took 2 lots of ordinary 500mg paracetamol during the first 24 hours post surgery and have taken none since. I believe this is due to the lack of painkillers I normally take and that I have taken nearly half a bottle of Arnica 30c before and after the op. I have also given myself Reiki and have no doubt that my Reiki fellowship have also been sending me Reiki.

I am delighted. I have some quite spectatcular bruises but they are not painful. I am wearing a compression stocking, just to encourage the blood flow up my leg away from the treated vein.

I wanted to share this as so many people are terrified of procedures and consequent pain. Your body can certainly cope with plenty, especially if your mind is in the right place. Complementary medicines definitely have a part to play.

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