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Over breakfast today

Catching up with the news and “interesting bits” over breakfast this morning, the last read was an interview with Dhani Harrison, George Harrison’s son, by highly commended Live magazine writer Louise Gannon.

It’s an interesting article and finishes with what I feel a profound quote which will be referred to many times – let me know what you think.

On missing his father  (George), Dhani says “When he died I remember thinking we’d left nothing unsaid and that was good.  But then you get older, and there have been so many times I miss my dad.  Getting married, going on your stag do – pick any moment and you wish he was there”.

Dhani continues and says his life has been marked by losing heroes.  As well as his father’s death, he cried at those of Ayrton Senna and Kurk Cobain.  “Death crushes you.  but that’s what forms you – you get hammered and hammered and they heat you up and hammer you, heat you up and hammer you, and eventually you’re a sword.  You’re brave, you’re ready to be your own man.”

Louise concludes, “His father would be proud”.

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