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Networking works – 1230 TWC Networking Works!

What a joy to speak with 1230 TWC Member Denny Gaskell of yesterday.

Even more so when Denny shared a sequence of successful business events resulting from a prize Denny won from the business card draw when she attended the 1230 AOB? Annual Conference in March.

1230 TWC Member Azmina Jiwa, who is a Holistic Happiness Consultant and a licensed trainer for ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ book by Dr Susan Jeffers, kindly donated a prize to attend an all-day workshop.

Denny told me “I am really lookimg forward to attending it this Saturday, at Azmina’s beautiful home. When Azmina learnt what I do for a living (property styling), she asked if I could help her because she hadn’t changed some things in her house for sometime. This is right up my street! I am delighted to say that we are currently working together on her home and it will be even more stunning when I have finished it. Azmina is a delight to work with and this just has to be exactly what networking is all about! I am also hopeful that I can send some of the building works required to Ed Coppard (Fiona’s husband-Electra Jewellery). His work is excellent and he comes highly recommended.”

Isn’t that fantastic? All this from Denny attending 1230 TWC meetings and my phoning her to put her in touch with a long-standing colleague who after illness is now back in the market place and needs to network. I was able to put her in touch with Denny before she’d even renewed 1230 TWC membership! Made my day!

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