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Johanne Narayn

Networking with 1230 in Sevenoaks, Woking and further afield!

This week has been a busy one … and still another day to go!
The best experiences of the week were a visit to 1230 Sevenoaks (Manager: Beverley Hamilton) and to 1230 Woking (Manager: Fiona Syrett). Both meetings were very well attended and there were women from a wide range of business sectors.
I met accountants, a tax adviser, solicitors, business & life coaches, a dog trainer, a financial adviser, a foreign language school owner, a business jewellery retailer and women who can save you money on all your utility bills. There was a homeopathist, printer, internet marketing consultant, nutritionist, a computer specialist, an IT trainer, a child care business owner, interior designer and a photographer and more besides! It isn’t difficult to see how easy it is to make excellent business contacts at 1230 meetings. When I think that each of the people I have mentioned here – and there were many more I haven’t mentioned – probably has 500 or so contacts in their network the mind boggles with possibilities.
… and I heard this week of a 1230 member who has earned £27,000 in just over one year as a 1230 Member. Not bad for well under a £200 investment!

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