Networking Serendipity at - 1230 TWC

1230 TWC - the most exciting place to be in 2022!

Networking Serendipity at

Attended the “1230 We Mean Business” event the other week and it just shows that you only need to make one connection to make going to an event worthwhile.

The place was packed – those who’ve been to NRG know that we run very different events – but I met a lady who’s interest lies in social enterprise and social and health care – right up my street for the community project I’m working on.

We’ve since met for a coffee, heard lots more about each others plans, got on well (which is so important) and in the future we may be able to help each other out. No guarantees, no pressure of commitment but having established the connection and met for coffee that’s the start of another networking relationship.

Thanks J. & P.

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