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Managing a Business is the EASY bit – the Problem Part is Managing the People!

I had not undertaken an interim project for some time (my choice!) when I received a telephone call from an agency that retained my details from several years earlier.  They asked if I might be interested in a rather unusual challenge which had my name written all over it (so they said) and so I was hired to effect a turnaround situation for a poorly performing professional services operation.


Our specialism is organisational effectiveness through better utilisation of people. Needless to say the first thing I did was to profile the management team.  This enabled me to develop an understanding of the behavioural strengths within the team and to identify what strengths were missing.  Now herein lies the challenge.  How can an organisation begin to turn performance around if the wrong people are in the wrong roles?  In short: – with difficulty.


Many businesses we work with create their own problems by hiring people they like, or because they’ve been referred by a friend, or sometimes, even worse, because they are related.  Few organisations, however, recruit individuals who have behavioural strengths to carry out tasks which are the lifeblood of the business.  Even fewer business leaders, know what strengths are required in the first place.


Recruitment is the last resort for many of our clients.  We always recommend profiling people who are already in the business first, looking at the business plan and the goals and objectives of the business owners.  It is easy for us then to advise on how best to use the current team to create better business performance to take the business forward to deliver on the plans, and whether external recruitment is necessary.  Often, it is a simple task of ‘shuffling the pack’.  Sometimes, when key strengths are missing, we advise what type of personal behavioural strengths are required, draft the advert to attract highly suitable applicants, manage the recruitment process and, of course, profile the candidates to find the best match for the role.


So often we see some good people in teams but who are doing the wrong things.  The result is misery.  Misery for the individual but potential disaster for the business.  The smaller the business, the more acute the pain.


The profiling exercise, team workshops and restructuring we undertook for this underperforming team worked wonders.  Morale rose by 73% and performance followed and guess what happened to their productivity?


Take a look at your business and consider who your ‘problem children’ are. We guarantee that these people are most likely the ones who you are expecting to perform well outside of their behavioural strengths.  Using Pareto’s famous 80/20 rule; 80% of your problems will be coming from 20% of your staff.  Engage us to identify these people for you – we don’t even need to meet them.  We will advise you what to do about them, and we guarantee your business will become more efficient and that you will have more time to develop your organisation in the way you want to instead of dealing with people issues.


Profiling a team is an inexpensive investment which ensures you are getting the maximum potential from your people and makes your organisation a happier place to work.  A happy team is a productive team, with the result that your profits will rise.


Contact Elaine Godley – for more information or telephone 0845 121 4742.  Train to Gain funding may be available subject to status.

Posted by Elaine Godley on 22/03/2010 22:03:26

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