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Losing Weight!

At the regional 1230 meeting at Christmas organised by Beverley Hamilton who runs 1230 Sevenoaks and East Grinstead I won a course with Weigh Out a company that specialises in body image and weightloss. I thought I could do with some of that!

I started shortly after Christmas with the first of four evenings at Harley Street. There CiCi Collins and Jules Mann, partners of Weigh Out, taught me how to tap. Tapping is based on similar principles to accupuncture – you tap on the same meridians and focus on what your needs are.

I concentrated on the weightloss. Since 2008 I have been enjoying a weekly early morning training session with trainer Dan Tiley and have gained energy and general fitness and over the last year lost about 7lbs.

However, although my fitness continues to improve my weight had settled down and I wanted to shift a bit more.

After only four weeks at Weigh Out I have lost just over 5lbs. I can’t believe it! There are no banned foods – you eat what you enjoy but the key is to listen to when your body is hungry and know when to stop.

There are no magic cures to losing weight but going along to Weigh Out has put me on the right track. My course has finished but CiCi and Jules are always willing to talk to me on the phone if I lose my Weigh!! And I will probably do a refresher day sometime later in the year.

So if you seriously want to get rid of those extra pounds I can highly recommend a short evening course in Harley Street or one of the weekend courses Weigh Out run down in Hove.

If you want to ask me questions just drop me a line.

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