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Learn to Earn

Yesterday’s 1230 TWC Maidstone meeting was pretty powerful!

Not only was I surrounded by some magical inspiring women, we were also in a new venue – Trish, owner of Nelson’s Restaurant looked after us superbly and the food was delicious.

But there was more than that…

Lucy Hall gave us guidance and expertise in setting our Strategy Checklist in her workshop – 1 in a series of 4.  Unwittingly, she guided me to a new strap line – “Learn to Earn”.  Lucy asked us to think “Why am I doing Social Media, what do I want to achieve?”   My response was – “I can learn and earn.”  Thank you Lucy!

This set me to thinking – We’re all in business to make money – right?  We have to stay ahead of the competition; it’s also said that we learn something new every day.  So not only is Social Media a great way to learn stuff, we also need to learn to give our businesses the successful edge, to enable us to earn.

So, think about it.  Are you learning to earn?  Let me know how you do this.  The best example gets a FREE 1230 TWC Membership!!

Before I leave this blog, I have to mention Britt Whyatt our guest speaker.  Britt and I have been in touch virtually for a while, but meeting her yesterday was something else.  If you get the opportunity – no, make the opportunity, to hear her story – believe me, you’ll be blown away as I was.

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