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Lazy, hazy days of Summer – when are you back?

So…. the lazy, hazy days of Summer are here, you’re on holiday, back soon.

Seriously, when are you back?

Bearing in mind that we need NOT let those nasty burglars know when you’re away (if you are a home office), so please don’t publicise on social media where you’re going and when you’re going away, unless there are other people in your house whilst you’re away.

So, back to “when are you back?”

Now, I’m sure this doesn’t apply to you, but are you getting auto-emails saying “I’m away at the moment, please get in touch on my return” or “I’m out of the office today and will deal with your email on my return”, or “I’m away for the Christmas holiday (bearing in mind we’re now in August!) and will reply on my return”?

So, when are they back in the office?  Who knows!!

If this is you, although I’m sure it’s not, please, I implore you, add in the day and time you ARE back in the office.  For example “I’m out of the office today so I won’t see your email until my return 9.30 am Wednesday 28 August”.  “I’m out of the office this morning, back in 1.00 pm today, 20 August”.

So, when are you back?

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