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It Works!

149215674What does?  Can you guess?

After 13 years in this business, I KNOW it works!

What am I talking about?

In case you haven’t guessed already NETWORKING!

Yesterday’s 1230 TWC Bexley meeting was another great example of how networking works.  Admin help was needed in a growing business, sat opposite was….  a VA!  Yes, you’ve guessed it, they soon became locked into discussions as to how they could work together and quickly put a date in the diary to discuss further.  But it doesn’t always work as quickly as that which is why it’s so important to be consistent and attend networking events regularly to build those lasting business relationships.

Coming into the mix, help was needed with employment contracts, independent business advice and hands across the sea with our sisters over in Spain, so I was delighted to be able to make the connections there!  And I’m sure business will result.

Today was Bromley’s turn.  The 1 minute talks and 2 speakers opened up fascinating discussions that we could never have guessed from previous conversations with those there.

And the connections, collaborations and business continue to grow.  Yep – it works!





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Jackie Groundsell is known as the queen of women's business networking lunches - the Connector. She supports thousands of small business owners through her events and lunch-time meetings

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