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Introducing myself – and a new approach to holidaying

I’m thrilled to be a member of 1230. My “home” group is Mayfair – but I plan to get about and will hopefully meet many of you over the coming months.

I should be in for an eventful and exciting time this year. Working alongside a small team, I intend to put a 45 year old Swiss holiday company called Hapimag firmly on the UK map. For those of you who haven’t heard of it (that will be most of you), Hapimag’s proven long-term holiday system is a superb, flexible alternative to conventional holidays, holiday property ownership or timeshare investment. Although it has around 2,000 members in the UK (140,000 overall), the UK membership has come about primarily through existing member referrals, as opposed to proactive marketing. So the growth potential is huge.

We’ve been busy reviewing Hapimag’s marketing materials, adapting them and in some cases completely revamping them to suit the UK market. As anyone who has worked with international companies will testify, it just isn’t enough to produce a translation of your brochure! We went right back to the drawing board to communicate the benefits of Hapimag membership under four key themes: It’s a Holiday, It’s an Investment, It’s a Lifestyle, It’s a Legacy. And we had a great time looking through the beautiful photographs of the 58 resorts to decide which should feature in the new literature.

Anyway, we’re pretty pleased with the new Information Pack, which has just arrived from the printers. We’re also creating a simple UK website at to give people a snapshot of what Hapimag is about and enable them to request further information. This will complement the main website at, which goes into much more detail about the destinations and the company.

Only trouble is… all this has made me SO desperate for a holiday!

Very much looking forward to attending this Thursday’s meeting in Mayfair.

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