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How to take stunning photos in the Snow

Keep equipment warm and dry
A friend of mine went on an organised tour up Mount Everest and was the only one to come back with any photos. Why? Because she kept her camera battery in her bra! In really cold conditions, your camera battery will ‘die’, thinking it’s run out. It will ‘come back to life’ again when it’s warm. My top tip is to take two sets of batteries, keeping one set close to your body heat and swapping them around as necessary. I also recommend you use well-insulated camera bags. Remember, you need to keep warm too, so wear many layers of clothing to avoid camera shake due to shivering.
Get the exposure right A lot of snow in the scene can lead to under-exposed images with murky grey instead of crisp white, and loss of detail in dark areas. If you have a manual camera, you need to over-expose by one or two stops. If you use an automatic camera, fi rst point it at a shadier scene, a nearby face or even your own hand. Press the shutter halfway down and hold it while you turn to recompose the original scene. Press the button fully down for a perfectly exposed snowy image.
Speed up for action shots If you take a standard snapshot of your beloved shushing down a black run, they will probably come out blurred. For manual cameras, you need to use a fast shutter speed such as 1,000th second. You don’t have to worry about F-stops as there will be plenty of light. On a digital camera, the ‘sport’ setting should give you a sharp result.

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