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Holidays are in the air – in more ways than one!

I was intrigued to read earlier this week about the latest ploy of travel agents desperately trying to boost flagging sales. I gather they’ve been pumping exotic aromas into their shops, hoping to remind customers of magical moments from previous holidays and entice them into making a booking.

Evidently the aromas range from orange groves to evoke the Mediterranean, new-mown grass to remind us of golf holidays, pina colada for romantic breaks and a sea-breeze scent for ocean cruises. I can’t begin to imagine what scent they may have conjured up to remind us of safari holidays!

It’s certainly true that consumers want real value for their money at the moment. That’s one of the attractions of Hapimag’s long-term holiday system. A one-off investment in holiday shares provides a lifetime of rent-free holidays in 56 fabulous locations, plus a valuable asset to pass on to next of kin.

Sadly I couldn’t make it to my usual 1230 Mayfair group meeting last month (I gather from Jackie’s blog that it was a brilliant meeting), but aim to make up for it in July.

Just in case you haven’t read “Special Offers” recently, I’ve persuaded Hapimag to give away an extra week’s holiday to any 1230 member, or individual referred by a 1230 member, who joins Hapimag.

For further info you can check out my Profile or visit the UK website at Watch the film, explore the resorts and, if you like, request our Information Pack. Oh, and do put 1230 in the Promotional Code field, so that we know where you’ve come from.

Or, if you want to bypass the formalities, just get in touch with me on 07743 027455 or at

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