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Hints and tips on taking superb portraits

Let’s get high! One of our most useful pieces of photographic equipment is a folding step-ladder. Shooting ‘from above’ is great for groups, and flatters features like nostrils and double chins. For safety’s sake, always use a step-ladder with wide steps and a guard rail, and never try to balance on the top. A lightweight step-ladder is easiest to transport (for obvious reasons). When you’re not using it, make sure it doesn’t appear in the background of your shots! With practice, you can also get a good angle if you hold the camera at arm’s length above your head.
It’s all in the angles If your subject sits or stands with their head and shoulders facing straight towards the camera, the result will be a bit like a passport photo. Not great. If you swivel your subject so they are sitting or standing at an angle, and looking over their shoulder towards you, you’ll get a much more flattering shot.
Pretty as a picture Under harsh photographic lighting, make-up can lose almost 40% of its colour and tone. In order to look ‘normal’, women should apply make-up that’s a bit heavier than their usual ‘day’ make-up (but not as heavy as their ‘evening’ look). Applying the correct base is important, to smooth out blemishes and avoid shine, but go easy on the lip gloss and shimmery finishes, as they may reflect the lights badly. Deeper colours for lips and eyes are particularly effective in black-and-white photography. As for men – a dusting of powder can be applied to avoid flare from balding heads!

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