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Here Comes The Bride, And Her Best Kept Ssh! Secret!

Christmas out of the way and you skid into the New Year of 2011 with the most gargantuan firework display flooding the London skies with every bang representing a definite and positive promise of a great year ahead.  Now for the list of ‘New Year Resolutions’: Join the gym; no more chocolates; start a new diet; attend the wedding shows.

On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!
It’s a bit like running a marathon, with a sure footed pace and a racing heart, checking out trials, demonstrations and discussions of how perfect I am going to look on my absolutely perfect wedding day.

Ready and waiting at the door of the wedding show, is me, the beautiful bride to be.  Running shoes .Check!  Handbag! Check! iphone. Check! Wedding list.Check! Future Sister in Law, Mother, my little Sister, and Aunty. Check! Check! And Check! Oh and credit cards. Check!!

As I walked through the rows of beautifully displayed products, all 25 categories of goodies waiting to be crossed off the list, I saw an array of fuchsia, gold and white helium balloons worded,  say ‘I Do’ to 48 hours of pure perfection.

The six foot table with a crisp white cloth displaying champagne flutes full of white, milk and dark Belgium chocolates with delicately tied fuchsia, gold and white ribbons around each neck, with a silver spoon to help yourself.  [Slap!!]  Oh yes of course! ‘No more chocolate.’ My New Year’s resolution until Valentine’s Day.

There is a rather interesting demonstration going on beside the table.  A beautiful girl wearing the most prominent permanent tattoo on her hand!  My eyes opened wider as I watched a lady in a pristine white overall airbrushing something onto her hand, and before my eyes, the tattoo was gone!!  In its place was a perfectly blended ‘new skin’ to match the rest of her hand and arm. I moved closer to see.  “Can I touch it?”  I asked. “Sure!” smiled the beautiful girl.

The same lady in white handed me a fluffy white flannel and invited me to wipe off the girl’s ‘new skin’. Amazing! Nothing happened. “How long does this stay on?” I asked the girl. She replied “up to 120 hours”. I said,“five days is a long time not to shower!”  She replied, “You can shower and work up a sweat in the gym and it will stay on”.  A knowing smile crept over her face as she saw the incredulous look spread across mine. I started to think of my dragon tattoo on my arm, the sunspots on my shoulder. …hmmm… and I thought about my large freckles on my cheeks and stretch marks on my cleavage……

And so there it was, pure perfection packaged in the most perfect product and service one could ever imagine.

Take Cover Skin System is responsible for this amazing service for brides who just want to look absolutely perfect when they say ‘I Do’


Take Cover Skin System

tel: 07961755336

Posted by Geraldine Facey on 19/01/2011 18:03:23

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