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Help!!! Not going to Uni

The ‘A’ Level results are out and students may not be receiving the results they hoped for or a place at their chosen university.

This situation can make parents and students panic about what to do next. As a career coach of many years standing, I do know it all works out but when you are in the middle of this situation, solutions may not present themselves. Currently, employers are keen to recruit ‘A’Level students to their own training schemes rather than take graduates. This gives an employer the opportunity to develop the right skills in young people.

If you decide to take a year out, go for ‘projects’ where you are going to be a volunteer see the website. For other opportunities, has some interesting openings. These focused experiences will be useful on your C.V.,more than general travel. Employers are keen on people who have demonstrated skills in action and those who understand the needs of others and how to service those needs. Check out Radhanath Swami for inspiration on You Tube
So,if you know of anyone who would like help with their next step, put them in contact with me. I run groups or see people individually. There is also a useful website called which may give you some alternatives.

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