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Get that post holiday feeling back…in an hour!

Floatation is a place where you can de-stress, relax, rejeuvanate and get that post holiday feeling back in a very short space of time! After a luxury shower you slip naked into your private space age float tank. Each tank is filled with just 10 inches of body temperature, extra buoyant, Epsom Salt water and a liberal sprinkling of Fairy Dust!! As you enjoy this feeling of being enveloped by warm, liquid silk you are also receiving the equivalent of 4 hours sleep, a detox, and are allowing your body’s own natural repair system to kick in. All those tired, aching muscles and stiff joints completely relax as you drift away with the fairies! After your float your skin will feel amazing and the good feeling will last for days! There is a make-up room with mirrors and hairdryers and a stunning chillout room with complementary beverages for further relaxation. Find out more on

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