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Friday – Fantastic Day!

Last Friday was an exhausting but by equal measure, exciting day.  I had the pleasure of interviewing 6 applicants for the roles of 1230 Managers.  Two I’d met previously Fiona Syrett who is starting a group in Woking and Rhian Wheeler who is starting a group in East Dulwich with Lola Fayemi.  Penny Walters is going to continue running the Bristol group, Meera Winder will take-over Kingston and Teresa Leong will be running Wimbledon.
What great business women they all are, and how well prepared they’d come for the day.  Their 2 minute talks on “The Value of Networking” needs to be packaged.  Each was enthusiastic, totally understanding the effort required in building those business relationships.
I’m very much looking forward to working with them all.  A BIG Welcome Girls!
Reflections from the day’s feedback:-
“Hard to pick out anything as most useful because I found the whole session extremely valuable”.

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