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Forward Focus

I have had two amazing sessions with Susie Jeffries on my vision board now.

Last weeks session was a very creative one. I had gathered pictures representing the areas of my life I wanted to focus on: My work/purpose, my relationship, my family and friends and what nurtures me.

I found that in looking at the pictures,( most of which came from my photo collection) and what they represented for me, I struggled at first to find the words I needed to accompany the pictures. However, once I focused on the feeling that the pictures evoked I found I was able to put some affirmations into place.

Working with Susie is an amazing exoerience, she is kindness itself. A very spiritual person and a natural teacher, who I feel is able to extend and develop me.

We started with a meditation, during which I was invited to take myself to a place of deep relaxation. I felt drawn to the sea and weather permitting will take a trip this weekend!

I was also invited to draw a card ~ I chose Integrity ~ Align your actions so that they match your values and inner knowingness of what’s right for you.

This need for realignment was something I had been aware of for some time.

This week has been an amazing one, in which solutions have been found and I am sure other solutions are on their way.

On Saturday night, my husband I went to the Cinema, then in search of supper found ourselves outside our favourite Restaurant. There was a parking place right outside! Naturally, on a Saturday night it was full of diners. Unperturbed, we went in and asked if there was a free table. We were shown to a table with a RESERVED sign on it. The waitress assured us that it was free and I said to my husband ‘ well that was meant to be, the Universe must have reserved that for us’ !!

I am finding that communication,connections and timing are going more smoothly.

Huge breakthroughs are taking place with people close to me and in my work.

I am continuing to attract new clients and have found some amazing speakers for my NLP Practise Group

I am now preparing my board for the final session, which I am so looking forward to and will keep you posted…

Love & Blessings

Beverley x

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