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Foreign working ‘could boost women’s careers’

Women keen to further their careers may want to look into transferring money abroad and relocating to a foreign country following one expert’s comments.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Alison Meehan of Spanish social networking site Costa Women, explained that heading overseas can help boost a woman’s job prospects.

She described how she has worked in Australia, Spain, Thailand and Dubai, which all helped her to boost her experience and stand out from other individuals.

“People find that their boundaries and minds are expanded and far more often would find ourselves in a situation where we have to live outside of our comfort zone,” Ms Meehan said of getting a position abroad.

It was suggested that in the current competitive job market it is vital ladies can bring as much as possible to a position.

For example, it was noted that skills in a foreign language, as well as an understanding of different cultures and customs can give jobseekers the edge.

As well as making a candidate seem more appealing to an employer, the experience of working overseas can help individuals to try out new avenues.

“This provides a great challenge and good chance for them to do what they have always wanted to do and monetise a hobby, or skill-set that was put to work for an employer previously,” Ms Meehan commented.

A recent survey conducted by NatWest International Personal Banking revealed that 83 per cent of women who have a job outside of the UK believe it will boost their career opportunities.

Meanwhile, 52 per cent claimed the time spent working abroad exceeded their expectations.

Dave Isley, head of NatWest International Personal Banking, claimed the results suggest that moving to a foreign country could be beneficial to those ladies who are looking for a “fast track to promotion”.
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